You can learn to play:

  • Classic violin technique
  • traditional fiddle techniques and styles
  • dance music, songs, classics
  • Bluegrass, Old-timey
  • Celtic

If you love hearing music and would like to join in somehow, it's never too late to learn to play.   You can have private lessons and combine them with open classes, group workshops and sessions.  Or you might be wanting your children or grandchildren to benefit from learning music.  I have students of all ages, literally 7 to 70 +.

I teach piano as well, which is a great instrument to start kids on for an all-round music education.  It sets them up with an advantage in learning an orchestral or band instrument later on, or singing,  or writing and arranging  their own songs.

I teach at the Community Music Centre in Upwey,   in the Dandenong Ranges, on the outer eastern edge of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  Day or evening lessons can be arranged.

Music Education gives many life-long benefits.  Click here for a link to a summary of  some of the current research on music and the brain.